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Pack & Trail Product Rating System

We review a lot of products. Each of those products are reviewed with our rating system to try and get the most value to our readers when looking for new products for your adventures.

Star RatingScore out of 10RecommendationDescription
5 Stars8 – 10Editors Choice
Highly Recommended
Our absolute favourite gear that we use constantly. It works well and is high quality.
4 Stars8-10 Highly RecommendedGreat stuff for most people. It works well and is good quality.
3 Stars4-8 RecommendedGood gear for most people. Works but might have issues with certain features.
2 Stars4-8 Recommended (for certain cases)Might be the right thing to buy in certain cases like ultralight or on a tight budget
1 Star1-3 Not recommendedRarely a reason to buy this stuff.
Product review rating system