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XShot Pro Review

Since getting a GoPro 2 years ago, I’ve wanted a good camera pole (also called selfie sticks, but camera pole sounds way better) to go with it. They let you capture unique angles with your camera, film yourself on your adventure and stick your camera in… Read More »XShot Pro Review

Appreciation Days

Some days you go skiing and the snow is terrible. It’s far from the light fluffy amazingness that you can find on the best days. Some days you go hiking and it’s pissing down rain. It’s far from the bright warm sunshine that follows you… Read More »Appreciation Days

Roxy’s Adder Mountain Ski Tour Trip Report

After heading up 5040 Peak the weekend before, our eyes were now set on Adder Mountain which was just down the valley from 5040. The weather looked great for Sunday so we hoped to get some views of the surrounding peaks which we never got to see the weekend before.

Roxy’s 5040 Ski Tour Trip Report

Chris and I were aching to do a ski tour and get into the alpine so we settled on 5040 Peak in the HWY 4 area for the weekend’s adventure. We drove up from Victoria on Saturday night, hoping to drive up the Marion Creek Main until we hit snow line and set up camp for the night……