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1000 Trails

Where is all the trail information for trails on Vancouver Island? All over the place. It’s a “potpourri” of information online, not to mention everything in peoples heads, in books, scribbled on blogs and in videos. Imagine a resource that had organized, accurate information for every single trail in one place? That’s the goal of MapVI. 

What is MapVI?

Map Vancouver Island, or MapVI, is a project to document all the trails on Vancouver Island. They’ll be collected on the upcoming MapVI page.

What is 1000 Trails?

1000 Trails is the first part of the MapVI project. It’s a major push document the first 1000 trails in the MapVI project. There are many more than 1000 trails on Vancouver Island, and the total number grows every day. 1000 is a starting place though. Once there’s 1000 on the list, we’ll re-evaluate where to go from there.

The 1000 trails will be linked below on this page so you’ll have one spot to come back to. 

The 1000 Trails (9/1000)


  1. Ammonite Falls
  2. Green Mountain
  3. Mount Benson from Witchcraft Lake
  4. Haslem Creek Trail
  5. Bonnell Creek Falls
  6. Mount de Cosmos via Deadhorse Creek


  1. Christie Falls
  2. Heart Lake Trail

Port Alberni

  1. Mount Arrowsmith via Judges Route

How you can help

There are a lot of trails on Vancouver Island. You can help by submitting trails information, photos and gps tracks. Simply submit your trail information through the contact form and we’ll get it into the list.


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