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Can I have a 700 km Trail for my Birthday?

You’re probably thinking that’s a weird title for a blog post. It is kind of.

But that’s what I want! It’s my birthday this weekend.

Birthday’s aren’t what they used to be when I was a kid, but they’re still fun. On the other hand, I can ask for bigger things now.

And this birthday I’m asking for a big one. 700km of trail to be exact.

I’ve been helping out the Vancouver Island Trail project recently. They’re building a trail from Victoria to Cape Scott. 700km of awesomeness. I love the idea and I can’t wait until it’s finished but it needs more money to keep moving. It’s completely donation based so far and the more money it gets the faster trail gets built. Can you help out?

I would love to raise $1000 for the Spine Trail for my birthday. Before the end of January donate to the Spine Trail and we can help this awesome project move that much faster.

It’s quick and easy to donate and become a Friend of the Vancouver Island Trail.

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