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Cape Scott Trip Reports

The first thing I do when I go for a hike somewhere new is check out all the trip reports I can find. Others that have gone before often have great recommendations on what to see and do and what to avoid. Sometimes they’ll have gear recommendations or tips on what not to bring.

First a few official resources and then all the trip reports. If you know if any other trip reports that I don’t have listed, let me know.

Cape Scott on the BC Parks website

Cape Scott Park Virtual Tour

Cape Scott Trip Reports


Bryn’s Trip Report (5 days)


Greg’s Trip Report (5 days)


Ranger Cabin Adventures (4 days in May)

Lonny Barr’s Trip Report (3 days in May)


Sean’s Trip Report (4 days in June)


Hiking Cape Scott (4 Days in May)


Aaron Mueller’s Trip Report (5 days)


Cape Scott in 6 days


Know of any more trip reports hiding online somewhere? Let me know in the comments.

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