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CrossFit Challenge Week 13: Burpees and Pacing

2 more weekly posts in the CrossFit Challenge with CrossFit Nanaimo! Next weeks will be the last post. Pretty stoked to wrap-up this whole challenge and do some review with it. It’s been a great time so far. My final thoughts will be in the wrap-up post one post after this one.

Tuesday’s WOD

Tuesday’s workout was awesome except for one thing. We’ll get into that after. Here’s the workout we did. Originally it was going to be 3 rounds but it was scaled back because it took so long.

2 rounds for time:

20 Burpees

200 m run

20 Hang Power Clean and Press

200 m run

20 sit ups

200 m run

20 squats

200 m run

I love the WODs with runs. There’s just something about the running that calms me down and lets me relax in the middle of a WOD. I’m  not sure if it’s just so easy mentally that I can rest a bit mentally or that I’ve had so much experience running that I don’t have to think about it much. Either way it’s nice to have a running “break” during the WODs.

But those running breaks didn’t help me this WOD. It was my own thinking, or lack of it, that nearly put me on the ground by the end of the WOD.

We started off. Burpess are a nasty thing to start off a workout with but it’s only bodyweight so it’s not too bad. Hang Power Clean and Presses are bringing the bar up off the ground then starting from a hanging position bringing the bar to your shoulders and up over your head. It’s a fairly complicated movement and with heavy weight and tired arms, gets hard quickly. This was near the beginning of the workout and was right after a running break so I didn’t have too much trouble with it.

I blasted through the sit ups (even my slow ones) and squats and went out for my last run.

But it wasn’t really my last run.I had another whole round left to do. My heart sank when I saw people just before me drop into their second round of burpees. No……Needless to say the second round was much slower than the first. After finishing off the Hang Power Clean and Presses 2 at a time, I finally got on to the rest of the WOD and finished it off. Not pretty. Shows how important pace is. Dont’ go out too hard or you’re toast by the middle of the workout.On to Thursday.

Thursday’s WOD

This one was a long WOD.

Every 2 minutes start at 0, do 10 Push Press

Every 2 minutes starting at 10, do 9 Power Cleans

Every 2 minutes starting at 20, do 8 Deadlifts

Looking back on this workout now that I’ve written it down, I think it was modified in class. I’m not sure what it was modified too. I remember it being heavy but nice having rests in between. The more tired you get the shorter your rests so you need to pace yourself and pick it up a little bit at the end. I worked with 95 pounds today in zone 1. The recommended was 115 pounds. All those Push Presses right off the bat with 115 pounds would have pushed me over the edge.


If you’re just joining us, check out the rest of the 3 month CrossFit Challenge. Thanks so much to Heather and Katie at CrossFit Nanaimo for making this challenge possible. You can follow them on CrossFit Nanaimo Facebook too. 

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