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Hiking Day Trip Gear Checklist

 Hiking day trips are very easy to get into. You don’t need to take a lot of stuff on each trip to have a great time. Longer day trips might need a little bit more so here’s a checklist so you don’t forget to bring everything you need. This list is really only just for a day trip. You won’t need any camping gear for the short ones.

To Do Before Hiking

Make sure you have everything

Research where you are going

Let someone know arrival and departure times

Gear To Bring Hiking


Waterproof jacket

Waterproof pants

Warm, dry clothes



Hiking Poles

Hiking boots or trail runners




Route Finding




Bear spray or bear bangers

Food and Water




Cell phone or radio

Emergency Location Beacon

First Aid Kit

Emergency blanket

Firestarting kit




Extra batteries for electronics

Cash for trail fees


There are tons of other great things that you can bring hiking on a day trip with you. What always in your backpack?

4 thoughts on “Hiking Day Trip Gear Checklist”

  1. Depending on how long the hike is, I might just bring my camel bak and stuff it with a few essentials like a knife, compass, map of the area, etc.

  2. This list is quite useful and very well written. I really like the post as it has proved itself to be very beneficial for me. Thanks for sharing the list. I would like to appreciate and thank David too. He has the capacity to analyze the post very well. 🙂 Thank you..!! 🙂

  3. I would agree with your list, but I think there are so many factors that take place when coming up with the perfect list – like weather conditions of course and length of the actual hike, some day hikes can be a couple of hours, while others could be 8-12 or more.

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