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Morsel Spork Review: The Best Sporktula

Are you the kind of person that has to have the perfect spoon, fork, or spork camping or backpacking? If so, you might want to have a look at the Spork and Spoon from Morsel. 

Most sporks are just a spoon with tines cut from one end so you can stab things like a fork. Some even have a serrated edge for cutting (I find they just end up cutting your cheek). The Morsel utensils are actually useful.


2 sizes 

Morsel have redesigned their Spork and it’s a joy to use. It comes in 2 different sizes. The regular is about the size of regular cutlery and useful for regular bowls and plates. The XL is 9 inches long and fits perfectly in tall dehydrated food bags. You can eat without getting your hand covered in sauce from the tall bags. As a side note, backpacking food companies, please come out with a short, wide bag!

Morsel Spork XL fits well in backpacking food bags like the Good To-Go bags

Spoon and Spatula in one

The best part of the Morsel Spork is the rubberized edge around the spoon. One edge is curved and one is flat with a point in the middle. Having a curved part, and a straight part with a point in the middle makes it easy to get into all the crevices in a pot or food bag. The rubber edge scrapes food well without poking anything. The edge also has a nice feel in your mouth. 

At the other end is the spork end with a serrated side. I don’t use this end much but if you need the fork part then it will be handy. I was surprised how good the spoon felt to hold. If you are using both ends for your meal then you’ll be holding the handle more. There are lightly serrated edges to the spork end but not enough to cut your cheek. That also means they don’t do as much for cutting. They help cutting soft things but don’t do much for things like meat. 


Spoon or Spoontula

Morsel also has a spoon-only version now. It operates like the spatula and spoon end of the spork. I haven’t tested this one out but I only use the spoon end of the Spork anyways so I’d go with the spoon only if I buy another.

The multi-function spoon end of the Spork XL

Weight and Size

The weight of the Morsel utensils are a touch heavier than titanium or aluminum. If you don’t like eating with those anyways then this won’t matter to you. Gram-counters might stick with the lightweight aluminum but it’s up to you.

The regular size spork is 19 cm long (7.5 inches), weighs 17 grams (.6 ounces).

The XL size is 26.5 cm long (10.5 inches), and weighs 24 grams (.85 ounces).

Compare that to something like the Toaks Titanium spoon at 16 grams ( .57 oz) or the Sea to Summit Alpha Light Aluminum spoon at 12 grams.

26.5cm (10.5 inch) long Spork XL

Recommendation and who the Morsel Spork is for

I highly recommend the Spork and Spoon from Morsel. They are a touch heavier than a titanium spoon so if you are shaving grams, look to the titanium cutlery options out there. The Morsel cutlery are easy to clean, very nice to cook and eat with using the spatula edge. The XL works very well in long food bags. If you’re not worried about grams and want a very nice to use spoon or spork, definitely look at the Morsel Spoon and Spork.


2 thoughts on “Morsel Spork Review: The Best Sporktula”

  1. The Pirate Capitaine

    According to the mfgrs web site, the spoon is made in the USA. I don’t like to buy products made in China for human rights reasons; every long spoon I have found is made in China (though Ti shorter spoons, cups by SNow Peak are made in japan). For those reasons, I can carry 12g more.

    Now, I could not find the weight of this on the mfgr’s website, so I really thank you folks for publishing this! -TPC

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