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Motivation for running? What motivation?

Off to run Mount Doug on a blistering hot day.

I love running. I always have. Even when the high school gym class teacher said we had to go run the biggest run ever (around the block, maybe) in the pouring rain. He said it built character, we said it sucked. All the sports I’ve played were more just an excuse to get out and run. Someone tells me to run and I go run, that’s what I loved to do. Running on my own though? How do I do that?

More times than I can count, I think about going for a run and after much deliberation finally get my gear on and put my feet to the pavement. After only a few minutes on the road (or the trail), I’m in running bliss and it’s the best feeling in the world. I finally finish my run and I’m floating around on the feeling just after a hard workout.

Why does it take effort to just put the shoes on and get out there?

First off, it’s hard to go outside to do anything, especially in the winter. There is a big comfy couch in front of a nice warm fire and I should go outside in the cold and rain and do what ? Run?

Here’s a couple tips to keep you heading outside to do what you love to do;  run (I’m not kidding, you love it).

1. Get a running buddy.

This helps tremendously. Hook up with another runner or a group and say you will run on certain days. Right off the bat schedule in time for these runs and don’t miss them unless there’s a monsoon or someone died. Even then, a monsoon would make for a pretty interesting run.

You have to pick your buddies carefully. Try and find the ones that are at least as motivated as you are. If you pick someone that never wants to run then you won’t run either. The whole point of the buddy system is that you get outside because your buddy is expecting you to. You would let them down if you didn’t run when you next planned it. What would they think of you then? You are a horrible person? You are for not running.

2. Just do it.

I know that may be someone else’s famous line but it makes sense. There are so many things aside from running that this applies to. To apply this one, make sure there are no if, ands or buts about running. You schedule a time and there isn’t a “Oh I’ll go if I have time” or “I’ll go if I feel energetic”. There is no if, just running. To make it a little easier don’t think about the start of the run, just about the rush of endorphins flowing through you as you blaze down the pavement or the trail.  That feels good right? Right.

Now go run!

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