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One More Day to the First Pack & Trail Juan De Fuca Run

West Sombrio Beach

There’s only one more day to go until we hit the trail for the first annual Pack & Trail Juan De Fuca run. 47km of sweet ocean-side single track awaits us tomorrow on the trail near Sooke.

The nearly 50km Juan De Fuca Marine Trail is hiked by hundreds every hear and provides a moderate way to experience hiking on the West Coast. Most tackle the trail in 3 or 4 days, hiking 10-15 kms each day.Our plan is to run it in one day.In under 10 hours. My good friend Ryan and I will be starting at 5 am at the China Beach trailhead. The plan is to hit Sombrio beach around 9am and then finish at Botanical at 1-1:30.  Another group that we’ll most likely meet up with along the trail is starting at 4.

I was on the trail last weekend checking out the north end. It was incredibly dry for that trail as some parts never dry out. The weather for this weekend was initially supposed to be dry with a temperature around 11-15, perfect for long run. That’s been degraded to cloudy with showers in Sooke and 40% precipitation in Port Renfrew.  One thing that would make this run a lot harder would be any sort of rain. Our fingers are crossed.

I’ll be posting on Sunday with photos and how the run went.

Good luck to everyone on the run!

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