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Prana Alameda Pant Review: Do Everything

I live in good hiking and active pants. I’ll wear them every day for weeks on end. Even better if they can cross over into wearing to business casual activities and working out in. Prana make some of the best.

I first experienced Prana pants with the Stretch Zion pant. I’ve had a pair for years and they still look great. From racing sprint distance when I was young and a lot of CrossFit and squats as I’ve gotten older, my legs are thicker than average. Combine that with hiking and throwing my leg over an motorcycle often, most pants just fall apart. The Stretch Zion’s are still going strong.

The next iteration of the Zion fabric it’s out and it’s called ReZion. It’s been upgraded to 95% recycled nylon (with 5% spandex) and is bluesign approved. It’s UPF 50+, quick dry and coated in PFC-free DWR. It’s super comfortable to wear all day for everything. I love wearing the Alameda for working, hiking, fishing, working out, travelling in the car, camping, anything really. If I only had 1 pair of pants, it would be the Alameda.


  • ReZion recycled nylon stretch performance woven (95% recycled nylon, 5% spandex)
  • Quarter top front pockets
  • Back weld pockets
  • Right side seam concealed zip pocket
  • UPF 50+
  • PFC-free DWR
  • Quick dry
  • Bluesign approved materials.
  • Slim straight fit.
  • Fits a bit slimmer than the Stretch Zion pant.

What I like


Just about everything about the Alameda pant is great or improved. Durable, wrinkle free, slight DWR coating, stretchy, breathable, pockets, recycled nylon, bluesign materials, responsible packaging. So many things to like about these pants. It’s smoking hot at the moment in BC but as soon as it gets back to pant weather (which it is a lot of the year) then I’ll be back in the Alameda’s.

Nice and stretchy

Responsible Packaging Movement

Prana have been working on reduce plastic from their operations for over a decade. They’re very close to completely eliminating it. They’re not just eliminating plastics from their packaging either. Tons of other brands have joined too.

Our goal is to completely eliminate plastic from our consumer packaging by 2021, as well as eliminate use of materials from ancient and endangered forests by 2022, and virgin forest fibers by 2025.

Prana Website

Great for hiking and photography adventures

What’s different compared to the Stretch Zion?

Slimmer fit

I prefer the Alameda fit. It’s slimmer than the Stretch Zion. This isn’t good or bad, it’s just different. If you need more space to move or have thicker legs, then you’ll appreciate the Stretch Zion. The fit is very comfortable for lounging and travel but I found it a big baggy hiking. The Stretch Zion also has an adjustable hem the Alameda doesn’t. There are still belt loops. The Alameda has a simpler cleaner look. The Stretch Zion look more like work pants with a cargo pocket.

Different storage

The front and back pockets are the same between the two. The cargo pocket has changed to a slim zippered pocket big enough for a phone on the Alameda. The zipper is vertical so it’s easy to access sitting. The cargo pocket on the Stretch Zion zips open from the top or the front, easy access sitting or standing.

Roll up snaps

The ends of the legs on the Stretch Zion can roll up and snap just below the knee. Good for warmer days or when you don’t want them to drag if they are wet.

Who is this good for?

I think everyone should have a pair of these pants. They look great, last a long time and can do anything. Hiking, lounging, working, camping, working out. Anything goes with these pants.

They are lighter and stretchier than something like the Kuhl Klash Softshell pants but they won’t be as water resistant. I’ll take the Klash pants thick fabric if I’m bushwhacking or snowshoeing and likely to catch them on branches. For any other time, travelling or just lounging the Alameda’s are more comfortable, quiet and easy going.

And it didn’t take a lot of new materials out of our environment to make them. 95% recycled material and responsible packaging when you order them. You can have your pants and the environment too.

Nice and light for bushwhacking in the warm weather

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