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The Ultimate Motivation Playlist for Running

Beep. Beep. Beep.

My alarm’s going off.

It’s 6am.

Every weekday I wake up and get ready for work.  I’m a web developer. I sit in a chair all day and stare at a computer. I do love the work but I have an issue with it. It’s not physical.

I love being outside too. I love running around, hiking, snowshoeing and riding. I’ve played sports all my life but lately it’s turned to more individual activities. I can push myself as hard as I want, as hard as I can, when I’m by myself.

The focus most recently has been on running. Running races, running with friends, running mountains, running hills. That feeling after a run is incredible and something I don’t think I could live without.

The hardest part about running though is getting up and moving. Those first few steps are so hard and they just don’t happen for many people. I think elite athletes are at the level they are because they’ve got the most motivation to start running. Anyone can continue to run. But only those rare few have the motivation to put their shoes on every time and go do it.

Running makes things better.

I’m always on the lookout for things that can improve my running or pump up my motivation to get out there and push harder and go further.

Music makes everything better but it’s particularly good with running. Whenever I’m running with music, I feel more focused, more motivated and more energetic. If you find anything else that does that, let me know (it has to be legal πŸ˜› ).Here’s what I’m listening to right now that gets me pumped.

  1. Duality – Slipknot

  2. You Don’t Know – Eminem, 50 Cent, Ca$his and Lloyd Banks

  3. Welcome to Detroit – Eminem

  4. Old Crows – Alexisonfire

  5. This Could Be Anywhere in the World – Alexisonfire

  6. Do You Feel Me – Tiesto

  7. Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums – A Perfect Circle

  8. How I Could Just Kill a Man – Rage Against The Machine

  9. Keine Lust – Rammstein

  10. Short Wanna Ride – Young Buck ( RATATAT Remix)

  11. Stomp – Young Buck, T.I. & Ludacris (RATATAT Remix)

  12. Breakin’ Dishes – Rihanna

  13. Another Body Drops – Cypress Hill

  14. 6 In The Morning – D12

  15. Bring Em Out – T.I. Feat Jay-Z

  16. Way Too Easy – The Day He Quit

  17. Between Dogs and Wolves – The Day He Quit

Some Twitter friends were kind enough to offer up their favorite playlists as well. David Damron from Life Excursion

  1. GoodLife – OneRepublic

  2. I’m on a boat – T-pain

  3. The War – Angels and Airwaves

  4. Kiss Kiss – T-Pain & Chris Brown

  5. Blame it – Tpain & Jamie Foxx

  6. Good Life – Kanye West

  7. Use Somebody – Kings of Leon

  8. Paper Planes Remix – Lil Wayne

  9. If today was your last day – Nickelback

  10. Any eminem track

John Frenette from Hella Sound

  1. What Are You Made Of?!? – Hella Sound

  2. As You Wish – Hella Sound

  3. Know It When I See It – Hella Sound

  4. How To Turn Around A Bad Day – Hella Sound

  5. Wild International – One Day As A Lion

  6. Alive – P.O.D.

  7. Let There Be Rock – AC/DC

  8. Backslider – The Toadies

  9. Television Eyes – Trans Am

  10. Wonton Salad – Das Boton

  11. Flesh Into Gear – CKY

  12. A Go Go – John Scofield

  13. Blood and Thunder – Mastadon

  14. New Born – Muse

  15. 15 Step – RadioHead

Thanks so much guys for adding to the list of wicked running songs.

Comments: Add your favorite running songs to the list. If you’ve already posted your best running songs somewhere give us the link!!

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