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Wandering to Christie Falls

I’ve been hiking of the Trans Canada Trail lately. Christie Falls is along the trail just north of Ladysmith. I hiked out there last year but never got the chance to post the photos. Over the next 2 weeks I’ll be posting of the Great Trail (Trans Canada Trail).

For now, here’s Christie Falls from September 2013.

Directions to Christie Falls.


Christie Falls is a great little trail to get outside and see a beautiful set of falls on a mostly sunny day. The forecast called for rain and it threatened all day, even going so far as sending a couple drops our way. We never saw more than a few. The warm sun kept them at bay while we explored the falls.


The first gate was open when we went on a Saturday. There weren’t any posted hours aside from the sign on the gate about it being closed during extreme fire risk.


The smaller second gate on the right.  


For a deactivated logging road is was actually pretty nice. I’m assuming it gets maintained because of the Trans Canada trail and the fish hatchery at the end of the road. 


Follow the fish hatchery signs. 


There’s not much signage on the road for the Trans Canada Trail before the bridge. This section connects to the Haslam Creek Suspension Bridge trail.


The fish hatchery. 


Across from the fish hatchery a big clearing leads up to the single track trail leading to the falls. 


Small trails up into the single track on the side or end of the clear area.


It’s not flat any more. The single track leads up into the woods beside the stream. 


The trail sticks close to the stream, you can see out over the stream at a few points. 


You can actually see the stream at a few points. 


Not quite jungle but nice single track to walk through. 


A slippery log bridge. The stream wasn’t flowing through this section so we just walked through the stream bed. The stream must split above Christie Falls because this section was dry but Christie was flowing. 


Christie Falls.  

There was a nice pool below the falls. Not enough to swim in but plenty for a nice picture.


Logs and well placed rock in front of the falls made great stadium seating. **Get directions to Christie Falls.   

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