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Alps Mountaineering Rocking Chair Review

Most camp chairs are as built as small as they can be and don’t rock or move while you’re sitting in them. The Rocking Chair from Alps Mountaineering is literally a rocking chair you can take outside and do the campsite to rock yourself to sleep around the fire.


  • Rocks
  • Folds easily


  • Large


  • Brown and blue colors
  • 600d polyester
  • Pro-Tec Powder Coated Frame
  • 17.5. pounds
  • 300 pound capacity
  • $149.99 USD
  • 42 x 37 x 24 unfolded
  • 27″ x 24″ x 6″ folded
  • 29″ back


The Rocking Chair is a big chair to cary. It only folds flat so it’s still 27 inches by 24 inches wide and over 17 pounds. It stays together well with the latches so it’s not flopping all over the place. If you’re just going from the car to the campsite or backyard, then it’s not an issue.


Setup is pretty quick with the Rocking Chair. I found it easiest to set it down on the rocking rails, unlatch the lock, and pull the back upright. Pulling it tight at the end will engage the small pin in the bottom right rail to keep it locked open.


Comfort is certainly something this chair excels at. The seat is wide, the back wide and tall. There’s plenty of room to put your head back for a nap at the campsite. The arms are big and at a nice height. And then there’s the rocking

I tent to lead back or rock in my camp chairs whether they were built for it or not so to have a chair that actually rocks is magical. There’s nothing like a gentle rock around the camp fire.

You can feel rocks and bumps a bit underneath you when your rock so it’s nicer on a flat surface. Small rocks and sticks don’t prevent you from rocking but larger roots and rocks will.


I’d love to see a a cupholder with the Rocking Chair. I do usually have tables with us camping so it’s not a big deal but it’s nice when it’s built in.


Packing up the Rocking Chair is pulling the pin on the right rail near the ground and folding the chair forward. It’s easy when it’s dry but a little more tricky if you want to lift it off the ground to do it.

Once it’s folded, a latch swings down around a small pin on the right rail to keep it folded. I found the latch pretty tight to put on the pin to start.

Size and Weight

The Rocking Chair is meant to be a big chair. It doesn’t fold down much and is over 17 pounds to carry. The rocking rails are long and stable and the seat and bag are big and comfortable.

  • 19” seat width
  • 18” seat depth
  • 21” seat height front
  • 16” seat height back


The quality is good but could be improved a bit. There is some play in the attachments that slide when the chair opens that you can feel when it rocks. Mine has been out in the rain a bit and a little bit of rust has started around one of the bolts. Like most chairs they like to be kept clean and dry to last the longest.

Who is Alps Mountaineering?

Alps Mountaineering was founded by Dennis Brune in 1993. Denis start his career building outdoor products with Kelty. He wanted to make high quality, affordable gear for camping and exploring the outdoors. Along the way he’s made specialty gear for Sir Edmund Hillary and others.

ALPS in the name isn’t actually a reference to the mountain range in Europe but an acronym: Active Lifestyle Products and Services. Helping you get outside and keeping you affordable has always been the goal. Brune and his family still own and run the company.


The Rocking Chair from Alps Mountaineering is a big chair but that’s the point. It’s big and comfortable and actually rocks. Setup and takedown is pretty easy and the latches keep it open or locked so you’re not folding yourself into a chair… or the campfire.

It is really an experience to rock in a big comfy chair around the campfire or in the backyard.

Verdict: Recommended (if you want a rocking chair) see our rating system

Usual Price: $149.99 USD ($200 CAD)

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