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Assault on Benson: Numero uno

For us here in Nanaimo, Mount Benson is right in our backyard. It’s a solid hike up, provides interesting views along the way and, if the weather cooperates, a stellar view of Nanaimo at the top. If you haven’t been to the top yet, I highly recommend it. Best to go with someone that’s been up there before so not to waste time finding your way through the maze of trails. All else fails follow the one that goes up!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of getting up to the top for the first time in a long time with Erik Petersen. I can’t say that it was immensely pleasurable as the wind was howling and we couldn’t see much more than 50 feet. Just over the top though we got into a couple feet of snow and slid around till we met up with our turn off the trail. Stopping for lunch under a large tree while the snow is rapidly melting off its limbs may not have been the best idea but we enjoyed our meals nonetheless.

The stream there was flowing a lot and I’m assuming it’s going even more now with all this rain.

There was a bit of snow in the clearcut about half way up. It’s not enough to entirely cover to logs yet but that will come soon enough!

The top had a fair bit of snow in some spots and next to none in others. It all depends on where the wind hits. The more sheltered areas had almost 2 feet in them while the exposed areas had none. The wind was blowing like crazy when we were up there at lunchtime.

Next Sunday is another quick jaunt up the mountain to see what kind of snow has appeared in the last week with all the rain. We’ll report back to you then!

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