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Cold for Days: Stanley Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler 40oz Review

We all know we’re supposed to drink more. Water that is.

Harvard Health says about 4 to 6 cups, or 30 to 50 ounces. 1 liter is about 33 ounces.

So many things affect it as well. If you drink coffee. If you eat water-filled vegetables during the day. How much you sweat and exercise.

Regardless, it can be tough to get through that much water.

Someone told me one day that the they had a favourite water bottle and, overnight, it made it easier to drink water and they drank a lot more. I thought that was silly. And then I got a 40 oz Stanley Adventure Quencher.

Overnight it was easier to drink more water. I had it at my side all the time and drank water all day. My brain took it as a challenge to finish every day.

Why drink water?

Everyone says you have to drink enough water, but why? Apparently it’s extremely important around for your body to function properly. Water:

  • carries nutrients and oxygen to your cells
  • flushes bacteria from your bladder
  • aids digestion
  • normalizes blood pressure
  • stabilizes heartbeat
  • cushions joints
  • maintains electrolyte balance (sodium)
  • and many other things

So water is important in your body.

The Stanley Adventure Quencher Tumbler

The 40 ounce Adventure Quencher is enormous. It holds over a liter of water, or drinks, or if you had a rough night, coffee. It’s twice the size of a 20 ounce Starbucks Venti. But it’s perfect for drinking cold water over a whole day. Finish the Quencher and you just finished your days recommended intake of water.

A few details of the Quencher and then we’ll get into the review:

  • 18/8 stainless steel
  • 40 oz (1.18 liters)
  • screw on 3-position lid
  • reusable straw
  • dishwasher safe
  • vacuum insulated
  • 3.3 inch base to fit car cup-holders
  • Stanley durable
  • $40 USD

Easy to hold and drink from

Even though the Quencher is massive, it’s nice to hold and drink out of. The handle really makes it here. It would be tough to hold without it. The handle makes it easier to carry as well. Grab the handle and you can carry other things along with it to the sink or the beach.

If the iPhone has shown us anything, things that are easier to use will get used more. That’s absolutely the case for the Quencher for me. It’s comfortable, easy to use and keeps ice a long time. It’s nice to use for drinking water. There’s no lid to fiddle with to get water out and it fits in 3.3 inch cup holders in the car.

Holds iced drinks a long time

The focus of the Quencher is on cold drinks and it excels at that. With 8 or more ice cubes (enough to keep the other ice cold) ice easily last into 2 days. Plenty of time to keep your drinks cold on the boat or at the campsite. Without ice, it’s still solid cold time at 11 hours.

I tent to use smaller cups for hot drinks but it will keep them hot for 7 hours if you need it. If you are travelling or just want your coffee ready all day, it can hold 3 Grande sized coffee.


The lid works well and stays tightly screwed on. It doesn’t accidentally come off when you pick it up.

The cover in the middle of the lid has 3 modes: straw, sip or closed. Straw is great and that’s how I use it most of the time. Sip is good for hot drinks which I rarely use the massive 40 ounces for.

Closed is nice for travel or having in the car when you don’t want splashes. The ‘closed’ mode on the top doesn’t seal completely so it can’t go in a bag or lay on the floor, it will still leak. I’d love to see a modified lid seal better but it is good for keeping splashes in while you’re moving around a lot.

Best Prices on the Quencher

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Stanley makes tough stuff. They have stories on their website of their famous thermos being beaten but still usable after explosions or entire buildings falling on them. I hate buying things that are in the landfill in a year or less. Stanley is far from that. It might last longer than I do.

I haven’t found anything better for holding a ton of cold water and working through it over the day. It’s easy to hold, nice to drink from and keeps drinks cold for days. Put enough ice in there and that means no ice refill for each drink.

The lid stays on tightly and works well for a straw or sipping. I’d love to see it seal better so it would leak out if you dropped it or if it fell over in the car. Most of the time I have the the included plastic or silicone straw in it.

If you need help staying hydrated during the day and ‘hydrated’ at the campsite, the Stanley Adventure Quencher Tumbler should be in your cupholder.

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