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Dometic Go Compact Chair Review

Dometic is no stranger to products for outdoor living or building things that last. Their Go line features a ton of stuff meant for overlanding, camping or just hanging out outside at the beach.

The Compact Chair in the Go line is a sturdy camp chair with a nice bag and quite the recline. We tested one recently to see how it stacks up with a bunch of other popular camp chairs. How’d it do? Read on.


  • Strong
  • Zippered bag
  • Looks good


  • Large recline angle might not be for everyone
  • No cupholder


  • 9.39 pounds
  • Holds 280 pounds
  • 28.74″ deep, 32.01″ tall, 24.53″ wide
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • $149.99 USD
  • 600 denier fabric
  • Silt (grey), Glacier (light blue), Ash colors (light brown)


The bag for the Compact isn’t the standard chair bag with a drawstring at the end. The dual-zipper opens half the bag to make it easier to put the chair in. The bag fits well without too much extra space.

There are two handles on the bag, a small grab handle on the end which works well if you’re slinging things onto the roof rack and the short shoulder strap. It’s long enough to go over your shoulder but won’t drag on the ground at all.

The chair stands on it’s own while it’s folded so it can stand easily in the bag too.


Dometic have built the Compact a little different than regular camp chairs. The parts that move are large metal brackets that rotate instead of having flimsy hinges or stuff that slide. So far the parts have been very sturdy and move well.

Unfolding is just pulling the arms apart…. and sitting of course!


The Compact is comfortable to sit in. It feels wider and sturdy. The recline on it is more than all our other camp chairs but I sit leaning back anyways. The arms are a comfortable angle to sit with when you’re that reclined.

The soft part of the seat is about 18 inches wide and the back is about 22 inches tall from the seat. It comes up to just below the top of my shoulders. Not enough to put my head on it.

There is a pocket in the back of the seat that can hold the bag but it does push on your bag when you’re sitting. I wish the pocket went a bit lower and then it would be a nice lumbar support. It probably would be for people taller than me at 5’7″ though.


The Compact chair doesn’t have a cupholder. When camping we have tables all around so that’s not a big deal but at the beach, it’s nice to have an included cupholder so you don’t have to put your drink down in the sand. Most chair cupholders only hold 1 small can so if you’ve usually got a larger tumbler it wouldn’t fit anyways.


Folding the chair is just sliding the arms together. Everything slides together like a regular camp chair.

Packing into the bag can be done a couple ways. The easiest is to just chuck the open bag on the ground, put the feet in the first and zip it up.

When everything’s muddy or wet, I hold the chair under my arm, wrap. the chair around the feet, and zip it up from there. Not as easy but keeps the bag off the ground.

After it’s packed up, the bag is about 40″ x 6″ x 6″.

Size and Weight

With the chair folded out, it’s about 28.74″ deep, 32.01″ tall, 24.53″ wide. Packed up, the bag is about 40″ x 6″ x 6″.

The weight of the Compact sits about in the middle of our testing group at 9.39 pounds. Not lightweight but not the heaviest either.


The quality on the Compact chair is very good. It’s very stable and all the connections move well. All the parts seem to be very solid.

Who is Dometic?

The Dometic lineage starts all the way back in the ’20s with the invention of the refrigerator. As a child company of Electrolux, the first company to mass-produce refrigerators, Dometic starts selling small, silent refrigeration units for boats and RVs. They eventually make their way into the backs of overlanding and camping vehicles.

Now they make a whole range of products for mobile living like chairs, electric colers and heaters, storage, toilets and tables. Their aim is to be the most sustainable company in those markets with innovative low-carbon products. No point in making products to explore the wilderness if we have none left.


Dometic make solid gear. They know gear that lasts a long time is a better value and stays out of the landfill longer.

The Compact Chair is a sturdy, good looking chair with an nice zippered bag. Folding and unfolding is easy and the bag works well. The back of the chair is more reclined that others we tested but still very comfortable. The seat and armrests sit nice with that level of recline.

As part of their Go line, the Compact fits well with whole line of products for mobile living. Chairs, coolers, heaters, tables and other stuff for living on the road, the beach, the campsite, or the backyard.

Verdict: Recommended see our rating system

Usual Price: $149.99 USD


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