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Feed Your Addiction

All though elementary school, all through high school, all through life we’re taught that addictions are horrible, evil things only bad, lazy people succumb to and you should stay away at all costs.Throw those ideas out the window. Right now. Erase everything you think about when you hear “addiction”. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Addictions can actually be really good.When you think of anyone that’s really good at something or has been doing something so much because they absolutely love it, what comes to mind? Probably not “addiction”. But why not? That’s what it is. They have an addiction to whatever they’re doing. It’s not an addiction to drugs or alcohol or gambling. It could be an addiction to running, skiing, mountain biking or just being outside.

What could be better than having an addiction to being outside?

It is where we came from, it’s where we should be, it’s where we all go to “get back to our roots”. It’s simple, it’s clean, it’s relaxing and it’s fresh. There is nothing better than being outside with friends with only the dirt and the trees and the air.Next time you think about an addiction, stop to think about what it’s about.

If it’s an addiction for anything outdoors, I recommend you do whatever you can to feed it.

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