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Innovative Charging: Litheli B600 Power Hub Review

Battery packs and hubs are getting very popular these days. Having extra power around for camping, working around the house or emergency use, being able to charge our phones, tablets and other electrical devices has become critical.

Litheli have been making electric tools for years now and are just breaking into the power station market with a very innovative twist.

The B600 is a new Power Hub from Litheli with 9 total ports, a good mix of USB, AC, DC and car outlets. The flat top is a wireless charging mat. A sturdy handle sticks out the side of the top.

We took the B600 for a test drive to see how it works around the house and out in the woods. Is it a good buy? Does it work well? Let’s see!


Some of the important details.

  • 9 ports
  • BMS to prevent overvoltage or short circuits
  • 594 watt-hours
  • 600W rated power, 1200W peak
  • 500 cycles to 80% capacity
  • 13.23 pounds
  • charges from solar, AC or vehicles
  • 2 4000 mAh U-batteries
  • $499 USD


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Has a wireless charging dock
  • Has a 100W USB-C port
  • Great carry handle off the side
  • U-batteries are very convenient


  • could use more USB ports, especially USB-C


The whole point of a power hub is to to have a bunch of ports to plug everything in. The combination on the B600 is a nice mix with a little bit of everything.

2 AC output600 watt rated power, 1200w peak
2 USB-A output12 watt peak, 5V – 2.4 A
1 USB-C PD input/output100W peak, 20V – 5A
1 car output 136W peak, 13.6V-10A
2 DC5521 output136W peak, 13.6V-10A
1 Wireless charger15W peak
1 DC7909 input (solar)100W max
B600 Charging Ports

Seeing how most things are USB these days my test is always how many USB ports can be on there and specifically how many USB-C ports.

It would be nice to see more USB-C on there. Everything is going USB-C and it can be more powerful than the older rectangle USB-A ports. It has the one 100W fast charging USB-C built right in.

If you are ok with adding a couple adapters, you can add more USB-C adapters to the AC and car outputs as well and take it up to at least 4.

Portable U-Batteries

The most unique part of the Litheli B600 is the portable U-batteries that charge in the side. One little push and you have a 4000 mAh battery to throw in your pocket to charge your phone or other small devices.

Litheli already has a couple vacuums that are powered by this little U-batteries and they will be coming out with tons more accessories soon. I love a good ecosystem and this is going to be a really cool feature to see more of.

One of the U-batteries comes with a USB-A port, and one comes with a USB-C port that’s PD compatible

Just slide the U-battery back into the B600 to charge it up again.


The B600 comes with a few cables to charge from different sources. An AC charger with a USB-C port, a car charger and solar panel charger.

Hooked up to the car charger I get about 83 watts in.


A smaller version of the B600 called the B300. It’s got less total power and fewer ports but is lighter, more portable, and still has the 2 portable U4 batteries.

B300 Specs:

  • 300 Wh
  • 300 watt rated power (600 watt peak)
  • Can fully charge in 2.5 hours
  • 2 portable 4000 mAh U-battery (U4)
  • 7 pounds

B300 Ports:

  • 2 USB-A output (5V-2.4A, 12W max)
  • 1 USB-C PD input/output (5V-3A/9V-3A/12V-3A/15V-3A/20V-5A, 100W max)
  • 1 AC output (110V, 60Hz)
  • 1 Vehicle charging output (12V-10A, 120W max)
  • 1 15W Wireless charger
  • 1 DC7909 input (solar)


Should you get a Litheli B600? We think so.

Verdict: Highly Recommended

The Litheli B600 is a very portable, easy to use power station. All the ports work as advertised and can be be used as USB ports with an adapter.

The U-batteries are very handy and something we bring everywhere anyways. Now they just plug in the side and charge there. The coming ecosystem of U-batteries from Litheli is a very exciting new change to the power station and battery industry.


How heavy is the B600?

13.23 pounds

Does it come with the small batteries?

The B600 comes with 2 U-batteries with 4000 mAh of power each. They can be used with all the U4 tools.

What ports does it have?

9 ports total.

  • 2 AC outlets 600 watt rated power, 1200w peak
  • 2 USB-A outlets – 12 watt peak, 5V – 2.4 A
  • 1 USB-C outlet – 100W peak, 20V – 5A
  • 1 car output 136W peak, 13.6V-10A
  • 2 DC5521 output 136W peak, 13.6V-10A
  • 1 wireless charger 15W peak

How easy to carry?

The side handle makes it very easy to carry as well as use the flat top for storing things.

Can it charge and charge other things at the same time?

Yes. It can be charging and charge other things.

Is the flat top better than a handle?

I like the flat top. It’s easier to pack around and store.

How many different things can it run?

Depends on the total wattage. It can charge up to 600 watts continuous.

How loud is the fan?

Up to 55dB

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