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Klean Kanteen TKWide Coffee Tumbler Review

An easy-to-clean coffee tumbler that still has hot coffee after 12 hours? Yes please.

The TKWide Coffee Tumbler from Klean Kanteen is an unassuming tumbler that bested all the other tumblers in our hot test. It feels good to drink from and is easy to clean. How does it nail all our criteria? We tested the TKWide in the Tofu colour. Let’s see what happened in testing.

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  • stays hot a long time
  • easy to clean
  • nice to carry


  • Odd name

What is the TKWide Coffee Tumbler?

The TKWide Coffe Tumbler is a vacuum insulated travel mug with a twist-off cap. A rotating lid inside the cap lets you close it up tight or sip from it with a little twist. A small handle tucks away nicely on the back of the cap and doesn’t fall into your face when you drink from it. The handle is small but enough to grab with a few fingers when you’ve got lots of stuff in your arms.

Size and Shape

The slender body is a bit taller than other cups and fits easily in cup holders. I prefer the size of it compared to chunky tumblers.

The powder coating doesn’t go right to the bottom so it’s more durable to drops and dings. The bottoms of painted cups tend to scratch first.

Pouring and Drinking

The TKWide feels great pouring and drinking. It’s doesn’t drip down the side and the mouth piece is smooth and comfortable. The twist part of the cap opens easy but not accidentally on it’s own. There’s nothing big and intrusive on your face when you drink from it. It’s easily been one my favourite coffee cup lids that I’ve used.

Even without a lid, the top is nice and rounded for sipping if your drink is too hot or you just need to hydrate post-haste. Instead of solid threads for screwing the lid on, there are just rounded bumps inside the top.

Is it Leakproof?

Yes, definitely spill proof.

After many tests with with hot coffee and cold water inside, it’s still spillproof. I think there could be a chance the cap gets turned open in a bag but there’s no issues if the top isn’t going to get bumped.

Hot test

With all the mugs in our recent camp mug roundup, we ran a 12 hour hot test. Those that were over 120 degrees Fahrenheit by 12 hours kept going for another 12. The TKWide did very well.

Each mug was filled with boiling water around 200F and closed. I checked the temperature every 1-2 hours with an Accuchef thermometer. Each cup/bottle was open for about 20 seconds when I was measuring the temperature. Temperature outside the bottles was warm room temperature.

Miir TomoSnowpeak Kanpai (Hot lid)Klean Kanteen TKWide CoffeeYeti Rambler with Hotshot CapSnowpeak Kanpai (Sip lid)Stanley Classic Travel Mug French PressBrumate Pour Over MugCorkcicle Commuter Cup
7:45pm (12 hours)152.1139.6129128.8113.7107.4103.897.5
7:45am (24 hours)127.4111.2104.5102.0
Hot test results

The TKWide easily lasted 12 hours with hot coffee. And stayed a respectable 104.5 degrees after 24 hours. 120 degrees is still good coffee temperature. Anything less than that is getting luke warm. I’m not saying I’ve never drank coffee that temperature but that’s what all cups of coffee should aspire to be.


Cleaning is the ultimate test for the coffee cups and tumblers. If they’re easy to clean, they might earn a spot in my cupboard for 5 years or more. Hard to clean and I always wonder what’s growing inside the lid. Those ones get chucked pretty quick. Easier to clean products are more sustainable products.

The TKWide is very simple and easy to clean. The lid is made up of 5 parts and fits together with 1 screw down from the main cap. To clean, it’s just a matter of removing the ‘nut’ on the bottom of the screw and pull 3 pieces off the bottom. The top of the cap then pulls out the top.

The whole thing is dishwasher safe but I keep any rubber or silicone bits out since they start to test like soap after a while. The rest just goes in the dishwasher. It’s easy to see that everything is perfectly clean. No science experience can hide in any of the parts.


All the Klean Kanteens I’ve had over the years are still going strong. The BPA-free plastic and stainless will last forever. As with most stainless mugs and tumblers, the paint is the first thing to go. Currently the TKWide doesn’t have a scratch yet. Through a few weeks so far of the using it daily for coffee, rolling around in the car, and going in the dishwasher, it’s still spotless.

Klean Kanteen use their Klean Coat® finish and so far it’s been super durable. Ideally I could tell you what it looks like in 5 or 10 years but we’re not there yet. I’ll make some updates in 6 months and a year to see who’s paint is still standing.

Who is Klean Kanteen?

Klean Kanteen was founded in 2004 with the goal of creating re-usable drink bottles and food containers that would last forever. They’re family and employee owned, a Certified B Corporation, Climate Neutral Certified and a member of 1% for the planet. They focus on adventure and conserving wild places. My kind of company.


With an easy-to-clean and spillproof lid, great heat retention, ultra-durable paint the TKWide will be in my daily rotation for a long time to come. It easily made 12 hours with hot coffee and

Verdict: Highly Recommended

Usual Price: $34.95 USD ($46.99 CAD)

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