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Small but Strong: The Lever Gear Toolcard Review

Lighter and lighter is the game these days. How light can we go and still pack more and more stuff into each thing. Tools like the Leatherman are popular with outdoorsy types because they can do so much. You can do 20 things with one tool. And why stop at 20 things in a multi-tool or even 30? The Lever Gear Toolcard has 40 different tools built in.It’s hard to explain exactly all the things the Toolcards can do. It looks like they count all the different sizes of wrench each as it’s own tool. Which makes sense if you would have to buy one of each of those size wrenches.


The Lever Gear Toolcard

If you’re wondering what some of these things actually do or how you’d use them, check out this quick intro video. I looked at some of the functions when I first saw it and said, “That’s not going to work.”

I totally ate my words when I started testing. This thing does everything it says it can do. Manual can openers are hard to do right. They hurt your hands, take forever to open the can and create a jagged mess of the can. Read on for my can experience with the Toolcard.

What can it do?

The Lever Gear Toolcard is pretty impressive in all the things it can do. It’s sometimes awkward or uncomfortable like opening a can but you don’t buy one of these because it’s luxurious and perfect to use for the task. You’d get a nice wrench set or an electric can-opener. This is for when you don’t have any other tools and you’re stuck on the trail or the side of the road.

lever-toolcard-1-3.png lever-toolcard-2-3.png

Tightening gear

So far I’ve used mine the most tightening things that are loose on the go. I’m out riding or fiddling with my camera tripod and something is loose. I don’t have any tools and I’m not going to be home for a while. As long as I’ve got my wallet, I’ll have the Toolcard and it can usually help.

1/4” Hex Bits

Lever Gear Toolcard with hex bits

You have to figure out a way to hold the Toolcard and hold the hex bit at the same time but it works great if you just have the bits. Nice and light to carry the bits and the Toolcard.

Can opener

Lever Gear Toolcard opening a can

Lever Gear Toolcard opening a can

The salmon can I cut open had a thick top on it so it was really tough to start but once I got it rolling, it peeled the can open pretty quick. The edges press into your hand a bit when pushing hard but not like some of the other knife-edged tool cards.

Cord Cutter

Lever Gear Toolcard after cutting cord

Lever Gear Toolcard after cutting cord

I was surprised how fast this little thing can cut through 4mm and 5mm cord. I’m sure it can do larger but those were the only ones I had around. It ripped through them quickly. I thought I was going to be sawing for a while.

Bottle Opener

Lever Gear Toolcard using bottle opener

Lever Gear Toolcard using bottle opener

Pretty fast way to open a bottle. It’s really just a matter of how fast you can get it out of your wallet.


I’m using the screwdrivers the most with photography gear. Tightening tripod screws and attaching cameras to the plates sometimes requires a coin or key to tighten. Easy with the large flathead screwdriver.

Money Clip

The big clip that comes with the Toolcard is a money clip. I’ve never used a money clip so that won’t be used but it could easily double as a belt clip if you wanted to keep it there. 


There’s a lot going for this little multi-tool. Definitely more pros than cons.

Tons of functions

Having 40 different functions on there makes it a huge value when you buy it and only having to carry one thing in your pocket is a big weight savings. I’m still surprised it fits in my wallet and I can’t even tell it’s there.

Easy to use

No moving parts. Just a solid metal card. I did have to check out the video to see exactly what to do to open a can with it. I don’t tend to open cans with an opener like that.

Solid construction

While staying nice and light, the Toolcard is very strong. While pulling hard to it tightening bolts, there wasn’t much flex at all.

Nice look

The etching on it is quite pretty. There aren’t any sharp edges. They’ve done a good job finishing it.

Easy to take off money clip

I had no use for a money clip so the first thing I did was take it off. I had to see the instructions (I read the manual!) to see how to take it off and it was kind of a “duh” moment. It’s really easy.

TSA compliant

Take it with you on the plane and “fix things on the plane” as they say.

Can have them engraved

I will be getting some of these engraved soon. It’s a perfect useful gift idea.


Uncomfortable in some grips

Starting the can opening was a bit uncomfortable because of the pressure involved but cord cutting and using the screwdrivers is easy and comfortable.

Confusing to take off money clip

Confusing but actually easy. A quick look at the manual or video they have on their site and you’ll be pro.

Small and easy to lose

I feel like I’m going to lose it. I don’t want it to be any bigger because it won’t fit so nicely into my wallet. At the same time it’s so small, I’m totally going to leave it somewhere.


So, good or bad? Buy it or not?I’m pretty stoked on this little Toolcard. It’s going to be in my wallet all the time now. My wife is already asking me for it to do things. I just have to remember not to lose it.  

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Toolcard for free from Lever Gear as coordinated by Deep Creek PR, an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company, in consideration for review publication.

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