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Ski Touring Day Trip Gear Checklist

With the winter upon us in full swing on the West Coast, it’s time to haul out the ski touring gear. Most of the gear I take on my day trips is similar no matter where we are going. Depending on the weather the number of layers and thicknesses will change but the basic gear stays the same. Note: Travelling in the backcountry can be dangerous and appropriate precautions should be taken. Make sure you are prepared.

Ski Gear

Skis (with bindings)





Avi Gear





Waterproof pants

Waterproof jacket

Light gloves

Heavy gloves



Ski socksLayers for top

Layers for Bottom



Space Blanket

Firestarting kit

General Outdoor Gear





Chap stick


**If you take something every time you tour, add it in the comments. I’ll add it to the list.

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4 thoughts on “Ski Touring Day Trip Gear Checklist”

  1. -sunscreen-chap stick-change stocks-water/Gatorade-** head lamp ** never know when you’ll get caught late-emergency heat wrap, lighter, hot rocks-gaiters-antifog goop/ lens cleaner rag-cell phone/gps beacon-garmin 530 gps, 2way radio& let get gear heads on board & name this itemsCamera-Olympus Stylus model shock/water proofHardshell Jacket- water proof shell-Marmot Super Mica-westcomb spectreSoftshell Jacket-Patagonia Ascensionist Jacket-Mammut Utimate hoody-beyondclothing cloud-cap-q-jacket-westcomb skeena hoodySoftshell pant-Patagonia bc guideBase layer-NO fake stuff it sink when it gets wet-any thing in merino woollets in into some ski gear brands next post

  2. Hey TC! Thanks for the comment and the great list. I’m gonna put some of your suggestions into my list if you don’t mind.As for brands, I’ll get into more detail in future posts with some reviews of what exactly I use and what it’s like.

  3. […] So the problem I have with extreme minimalism is that I have a ton of outdoor gear. Yes, there is a few things that I could probably get rid of but most of it I use on a regular basis. I’ve got dive gear,a wakeboard, a snowboard, skis, hiking and camping gear, mountain bikes, dirtbikes, and kayaks and a bunch of other things. That’s a lot outdoor gear that I just can’t see getting rid of. I use some piece of my collection every single week. I take nearly 50 things every time I go ski touring! […]

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