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A tiny lighter that doesn’t need any fuel

The SOL Lite Fire Fuel-Free lighter is a small lighter for campfires and camp stoves that uses electricity instead of any kind of liquid fuel. 

4 electrodes on the top of the lighter send 2 electric arcs in a cross pattern and quickly light anything flammable. It comes with 3 feet of paracord that can be used as tinder as well.

Dual electricity arcs from the 4 electrodes

There’s no fuel to refill. It just charges with electricity. Charging is just with a standard USB-micro plug. It comes with a short micro cord in the box but any micro cord will work. Takes about 2 hours to charge.

There’s only one button on it which operates the lighter and the light. When the lid is closed, holding the button turns on the light. Turning the button off and on again, switches from the high to low to strobe. I’d prefer the light to start with low then high then strobe to save battery but I don’t use the light much aside from quick digging through camping bins or the car at night.

When the lid is open, holding the button starts the dual electricity arcs. Hold the button as long as you like to get something to light.

Reusable and rechargeable

The best part of the fuel free lighter is that it’s reusable. Nothing last forever, but I’d much rather use something reusable and rechargeable, especially for lighting stuff camping or in the backyard. 

Lights quickly

Touching the arcs to anything flammable lights it quickly. The arcs don’t go as far as a regular lighter flame would so you have to be able to get close to whatever you are lighting. It quickly lights propane and white gas stoves just like a regular lighter would. A small change I’d like to see is the button placed a little bit farther away from the lighter end so you don’t have to worry about your fingers. I still haven’t light my fingers on fire lighting camp stoves or campfires with it so maybe it’s not even an issue.

It works quickly on paper to get a campfire or home fireplace going without lighting your fingers on fire. Hold the button each time you want the electric arcs going and touch them to the paper to light it on fire.

What I don’t like

On the large side

At 56 grams (2 oz)  the fire lite isn’t tiny but it isn’t huge either. I’m always worried about having a backup to starting a fire so I usually bring a bic mini lighter and a small ferro rod backpacking. If you have a the room and like the multi-use aspect of it, it could be a great addition for backpacking. 

It really shines for camping or just backyard use. It doesn’t take up much room and recharges quickly with any USB battery or plug in the car. 

Who is this good for?

The Fire Light Fuel Free Lighter from SOL won’t be for the gram-counting backpackers. A mini butane lighter and ferro rod for backup is about as light as you can get for 2 sources of fire. But for those who camp, light fires in the backyard or wood fires in the house, it’s nice to just plug it in and light anything you need to. The dual arcs of electricity look pretty cool too.


  • 45 lights of 7 seconds each or 3 hours low light on the flashlight.
  • 100 lumen flashlight
  • 56 grams (2 oz)
  • $27.95 CAD ($24.99 USD)

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