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Trip Reports: Great stories from the Juan de Fuca Trail

Reading through trip reports is one of the best ways to get information to plan a trip. Speaking to a person face to face is usually the best way but if you can’t get that close, a detailed trip report is the next best thing.

I try to keep trip reports around for the Juan de Fuca Trail, it being one of my favourite hikes, so I can keep up to date on what’s happening on the trail. These are the latest ones I’ve found. 

Trip Reports


Crenellated’s 3-day Trip Report – Reddit – May 2018

Treord8’s 3-day Trip Report – ClubTread – May 2018

Michal’s 4-day Trip Report – Hiking is Good – June 2018

Brooke Willson’s 3-day Trip Report – Fresh Air and Freedom – August 30, 2018


Angelica Lauzon’s 3-day Winter Trip Report – Island Mountain Ramblers – February, 2017

Ben Massey’s 4-day Trip Report – – July 7, 2017


Backpacks and Bike Racks 3-day Trip Report – Backpacks and Bike Racks – March 2016

Luke’s Trip Report Video – Life of Luke on YouTube – July 2016


Justin’s Trip Report – Eating Snow Around the World – July 2015


Clueless Hiker – – September 2014


Murray Coates 5-day Trip Report – – April 2013


Jenny Strong’s 4-day Trip Report – Jenny Strong’s Blog – August 2012


Matt and Caroline’s 4-day Trip Report on Matt and Carolines’ Blogspot – July 2011

Henry Armitage’s 3-day Trip Report – – June 2011


Lonny Barr’s 3-day Trip Report on – May 2009

Dan Durston’s Trip Report on the Forums – October 29-23rd 2009


Mark Feenstra’s 4-day Trip Report on from August 2007

Running Trip Reports

Some of the crazy ones that run the trail actually write trip reports too (oh right…. I ran it in 2010)

Ross Collicutt’s 1-day Run Trip Report (my own) on – August 2010

Jeff Hunt’s 1-day Run Trip Report on – August 2008 

Other Articles

Hiking the Juan de Fuca Trail on

Add your report

If you know of other good trip reports or articles about the Juan de Fuca let me know! I’ll add them to the list.

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