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West Coast Trail Trip Report Roundup

One of the most useful sources of information when you plan your West Coast Trail hike is trip reports from other hikers.They usually talk about what gear they brought, what the weather was like, what campsites they slept at, what route they hiked and why they made many other decisions that you’ll have to make on the trail too. It can be a lot of work finding all these trip reports and breaking them down into useful information. I’ve done the first step for your and put together the list below of every trip report I can find on hiking the West Coast Trail.

It’s broken up by year so that you can start with the most recent trip reports. They will probably be the closest to what you will experience with the trail. Trip reports from 30 years ago probably won’t be as accurate as you need them to be.

If you find a trip report that isn’t on here or want to write a new one, please let us know!

West Coast Trail Trip Reports


Marc Bourdon’s Solo 5-day Trip – Marc Bourdon’s Blog – May 2014

Brad McCartney’s 5-day Trip – BikeHikeSafari – August 2014


Amanda Johnson’s 5-day Trip – UBC Varcity Outdoor Club – September 2013

Rick McCharles 6-day Trip – BestHike – July 2013


Barb’s Trip – August 2012

Chris’s 5-day Trip – Flying Upside Up – July 2012

Wolfgang Greystoke’s 7-day Trip – Trailspace – May 2012


Hank Leukart’s 8-day Trip – Without Baggage – July 2008


Brett’s 5-day Trip – Brett on Stuff – September 2007

Janets 7-day Trip – Western Wilson – September 2007


GuidodJones Trip – Flickr – May 2006


Jason’s Trip – Flickr – August 2005


Information about the West Coast Trail

The West Coast Trail on

The West Coast Trail on Victoria Hiatus



Sea to Sky Expeditions West Coast Trail

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