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Appreciation Days

Some days you go skiing and the snow is terrible. It’s far from the light fluffy amazingness that you can find on the best days.

Some days you go hiking and it’s pissing down rain. It’s far from the bright warm sunshine that follows you around on the good days.

Some days you go sailing and there’s just no wind or the wind is howling and you’re hunkered down on the rail wishing you were somewhere else. It’s far from the constant 10-20 knots and sun on those days you dream about.

Some days are not the best. Depending on my mood I might go so far as to say they suck. Then I remember days that are spent inside at the computer, tired, stressed out, no outside recharge time in sight. Sucky outside days don’t seem so bad when compared to anything inside. They still aren’t great though.

I like to call them Appreciation Days. Any day outside is better than being inside. Those days with terrible snow, cold sideways rain and intense howling wind are there for a reason. Those days are there to make us appreciate the good days, the days with warm sun, light powder and the perfect wind.

Appreciation Days are there to still use for outside adventures but to remind us to pay much more attention to those good days that slip by because we take them for granted.

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