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Running Gear: The Best Way to Carry Your Phone

The air was warm and the sun was out. I was right in the groove. The perfect song was playing as I weaved back and forth through the trees running through the trees in Linley Valley.

Then a slow song came on. Everything slowed down. I forgot about the beautiful trees and water and grass. All I could think about was how this new song was really not the right tempo. My groove was gone.I reached for my left upper arm. My music-playing phone wasn’t there because it feels too big and heavy on my arm.

I reached for my jacket pocket. My phone wasn’t there either because it bounces around too much when I run.

I reach for my shorts pocket. My phone wasn’t there either because it pulls my headphones out of my ears when it’s in my shorts pockets. Nothing frustrates me more than having my headphones ripped from my ears.

I realized my phone was in my backpack playing away. To get at it I had to stop unclip the waist strap, unclip the chest strap, pull my bag off the same side as my headphones go into the top pouch, open the top pouch of the bag, and change the song. To get running again, I have to reverse the process. Every time I hit a song I want to change, or take a photo, or send a message, I have to go through this huge process to get my phone out and do something. I wanted a better way to carry my phone.My backpack was a long process to get at my phone.

Waterproof SpiBelt

Waterproof SpiBelt

Armbands are tight and uncomfortable and heavy with a large phone attached to your arm.Any pockets don’t provide enough support. My phone bounces around like crazy, changing music, pressing buttons or pulling the headphone cords out.A quick look around online and I found the perfect solution to my problem. Obviously someone else had the same problem.

The SpiBelt

SpiBelts are small pouches made of stretchy material that can hold phones, ipods or keys while you run. They stretch to hold a considerable amount of stuff. I tend to only put my phone and keys in it when I run. Because of the stretch, it keeps things in place whether you have a tiny iPod Nano inside or a giant smartphone. I haven’t done a running race with them yet but I think they would be ideal for holding gels on a run.

Easy access to your stuff

This is the biggest thing for me. It’s a small, lightweight belt that fits nicely around your waist. If you need anything from it, spin the belt around and the pouch, and your stuff, is right in front of you. If I had a SpiBelt in my frustrating story above, I wouldn’t even have had to skip a beat to get at my phone, change the song, Instagram a photo of the lake and be on my way. 2 easy seconds. Not a couple minutes of frustrating finding my phone in my backpack.

Waterproof gear carrier on the water


I’m not staying inside when it’s wet out and my gear doesn’t either. Electronics don’t agree with that statement though. They need to be kept in something nice and dry. There is a waterproof version of the SpiBelt that has a waterproof bag inside the stretchy outer material that will keep your precious music player nice and dry. It also works great for watersports like kayaking and SUPing.

Kayaking with the SpiBelt

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