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Elk River Trail Day 1

It was Bryn’s Birthday. We had to go hiking. He hadn’t seen the Elk River Trail yet and I was more than happy to tag along. I had reservations about the wasps that typically monitor the trail but there should only be one or two nests. After my first run-in with them, I wasn’t totally stoked on going back but we were going to check out Iceberg Lake past Landslide Lake that I hadn’t seen before.  Just get past the wasps and it will be a treat after that. We almost did.

IMG_7545.jpg IMG_7546.jpg IMG_7549.jpg IMG_7556.jpg IMG_7562.jpg IMG_7573.jpg IMG_7614.jpg IMG_7635.jpg IMG_7638.jpg IMG_7645.jpg IMG_7651.jpg IMG_7658.jpg IMG_7661.jpg IMG_7673.jpg IMG_7677.jpg IMG_7683.jpg

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