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Elk River Trail Day 2: Iceberg Lake

Day 2 on the Elk River Trail. See Day 1 here.

We followed the trail along the river up to Landslide Lake. Not to be satisfied with just one beautiful lake, we took the rough trail around Landslide to Iceberg. There are actually icebergs in Iceberg Lake. So cool.

IMG_7687.jpg IMG_7689.jpg IMG_7701.jpg IMG_7711.jpg IMG_7721.jpg IMG_7723.jpg IMG_7726.jpg IMG_7733.jpg IMG_7737.jpg IMG_7743.jpg IMG_7747.jpg IMG_7751.jpg IMG_7756.jpg IMG_7798.jpg IMG_7761.jpg IMG_7767.jpg IMG_7768.jpg IMG_7770.jpg IMG_7773.jpg IMG_7784.jpg IMG_7800.jpg IMG_7803.jpg IMG_7805.jpg IMG_7808.jpg IMG_7812.jpg IMG_7814.jpg IMG_7820.jpg IMG_7822.jpg IMG_7826.jpg IMG_7828.jpg IMG_7832.jpg IMG_7835.jpg IMG_7852.jpg

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