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One Tiny Ski Pack: Arcteryx Silo 18 Review

You can’t get much smaller than the Arcteryx Silo 18 for a ski pack. The pack is 18 litres from bow to stern. That means you can’t bring the kitchen sink with this little guy.This was the first pack I got for skiing but I had actually bought it for a different purpose. I had it in mind to use as a slightly larger bag when I was running in the summer and then a skiing bag in the winter. I can’t say that it’s good for that purpose but it’s certainly a rockin’ little ski bag.

It’s got a hydration pouch inside, a small zippered pouch on the top and a webbing waist strap. One of the reasons it wasn’t great for running was that the waist strap didn’t hold it down very well. It’s not meant for that though. It’s like running in hiking boots. That’s not what they’re meant for.

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On the back of the bag there are thermo-formed pads that form to your back a bid and make it very comfortable to snowboard or ski with.

Around the sides and the back are 2 straps that you can attach your skis or snowboard to it with. I found I had to have the bag quite tight against me and full of gear a board or skis to stay on well. If the bag wasn’t full or not tight against me, it would flop around a bit. Not the best setup. I prefer a larger bag for carrying something as big as skis or a snowboard.

The material on the outside is pretty bomber. I’ve scraped it against things every time I use it and it’s a little dirty but no holes or serious wear on the outside.If you’re looking for a small ski bag to carry a board or skis sometimes and a few things when you hit the slopes, you can definitely count on the Arcteryx Silo 18 to get the job done.

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