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Hole in the Wall Trail

Hole in the Wall is a short trail near Port Alberni, BC down to a small waterfall.

An old water pipeline has been removed leaving a massive hole in the rock. Water from the stream on the other side pours through the hole reconnecting to Roger’s Creek.

How to get to Hole in the Wall

There is not much parking for Hole in the Wall. It is on Mosaic land and not an official regional trail but there are a few spots on the side of the highway.

Across the highway there is parking near Coombs Country Candy as well. Be very careful crossing the 3 lanes of highway here to get to the trailhead.

The trail leads into the woods and you should see a small wooden sign saying ‘Hole in the Wall’. Once the trail comes out of the woods, stay right and follow the main trail until you get to a smaller trail leading downhill with another wooden sign. At the bottom of the hill will be an open area and the falls.

The map below is on Gaia GPS, a great GPS app for computers and phones. You can download the GPS track or view it on Gaia GPS on your phone.

Trails near Hole in the Wall

Stokes Creek Falls is near Hole in the Wall and while it’s a bit longer of a hike, has a much larger waterfall to see from a bridge crossing the stream.

The Alberni Inlet Trail is also a great place to go for views of the inlet. It’s long enough to hike for days if you like.

The Vancouver Island Waterfalls page is a good one to check out also for more waterfalls around the island.

Leave No Trace

Please leave Hole in the Wall better than you found it and back out your garbage. The inukshuks are fun to look at but aren’t leaving the place how you found it.

Take photos.

Leave footprints.

Comments and Questions

Have you been to Hole in the Wall? When is the best time of year to go?

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