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Adventure-Ready USB Battery Packs

Everything is USB powered these days and I’m thankful for it. It means we can recharge quickly from any laptops and battery packs without having to carry around a bucket of disposable AAA and AA batteries.

Battery Pack Reviews

What is a mAh or milliamp hour?

A milliamp hour (mAh) is a unit of measurement for electricity. Every battery in a laptop, phone or drone will have a capacity measured in mAh. This is helpful when measuring battery pack size. If an iPhone X has a battery size of 2716 mAh and you have a battery pack of 3000 mAh then you’ll be able to charge your phone once. If you had a battery pack of 6000 mAh then you’ll be able to charge your phone twice. Keep in mind your phone will be on and using power as you are charging it.

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